37/38 mm and 40 mm Less Lethal and Effect Ammunition

Since years Armed and Special Forces have been using 37/38 mm and 40 mm Grenade Launcher ammunition to realize different tasks. The user must be in the position to make a accurate strike against the enemies over a long distance. Various kinds of effect ammunition should be available e.g. for neutralizing a single person, for crowd control, break a barricade or for the fight against a hard target.

SET offers various types of 37/38 mm and 40 mm ammunition to meet the requirements for the different situations.

The ammunition is highly accurate and has a long storage life. The SET 40 mm ammunition can be fired from any 37/38 mm and 40 mm Grenade launcher.

The user has the choice between the following effects: Flash Bang, Screening smoke, CS, OC, Barricade Penetrator, Colored smoke, Rubber baton, Training with marker or tracer and Multi Rubber ball. The range of the different effect ammunition is between 5 and 100 meters.

A permanent quality control system before, during and after production guarantees the best performance under all weather conditions. Packaging of the cartridges is according to MIL Std.

Loading of a 40mm Cartridge into a M203 Launcher

Technical Data

Calibre 37/38 mm and 40 mm

Effect ammunition up to 100 meter
Training ammunition up to 300 meter
Velocity LV

The ammunition can be fired from all existing 40 mm Grenade Launchers