SET Turn-Key Hydraulic Bollard System

The new anti terrorism automatic / hydraulic security bollard comes turn-key pre-fabricated in a concrete fundament.
In addition to industry leading installation times the SET security bollard is designed for easy maintenance ensuring fastest exchange of components and continuous operation of the system even under hardest condition between -25° C to +55° C. The system can be manually released if necessary.
The main advantage of the concrete fundament is that the SET bollard can be installed in any environment within one day. The system can be easily exchanged or maintained, allowing installation even at sites with high traffic frequency.
Especially at high risk areas the use of the SET bollards allows to create larger protection zones around strategic areas in case of emergency which is especially important for blast protection.
Impact resistant: 15.000 Joules, our SET concealed bollard continuous and the safety is guaranteed.
Break in resistant: 630.000 Joules partial or total breakage of the SET concealed bollard, but the vehicle will be stopped within maximum 1 meter of the collision point.


SET Bollard System

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A Truck stopped by the SET Bollard System

Technical Data

Drive: Hydraulic
Cylinder stroke: 700 mm
Cylinder diameter: 275 mm
Cylinder thickness: 10 mm
Rise / descent time: approx. 7 sec.
Absorption: 220 W
Installation time: 1 day