SET Digital Wideband Jamming Systems

The SET DJ1 jamming system was specially developed for motorcade and VIP protection. The standard configuration from 20MHz – 6.000 MHz covers the main threat frequencies with an output power of more than 1.000 Watt. High attention is also given to EMV health protection of the passengers, which most companies are neglecting.


High Band / Low Band automotive configuration with 2 control boards / 24 V System for highest performance and stability / 24 V optional. Modular design / total system weight approx. 120 Kg

Advantages compared to other systems – best price value in class

  • 100 % made in Germany – all main components and system parts are made in Germany
  • 2x FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) / 12 DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) control board for programming of system, communication windows can be programmed.
  • Modular plug-and-play system – all components can be easily exchanged and /or up grated, customer friendly maintenance
  • Modular system design with autonomous low band / high band cases with individual control boards
  • FPGA controlled real time programming of system, laptop or remote programming
  • Multi-Operation-Modes: Barrage, Sweep, Multi Sweep, Hopping EMERGENCY MODE with active threat detection system
  • Fully synchronized system for multi jammer convoy scenarios
  • More than 1.000 Watt output power available from 20 MHz – 6.000 MHz (upgradable to 10.000 MHz)
  • Modular power supply system with fast battery system and DC distribution
  • Second alternator for power supply and back up battery system for non engine jamming scenarios
  • Protection against overheating with real time temperature monitoring of main components
  • Latest generation of FET power amplifiers for continuous operation in high threat areas
  • Patented V5 High End antenna system with outstanding performance and usability
  • Passenger health protection due to EMV shielding of vehicle with certificate from German authorities
  • Modular, high end anti shock rack system for easy maintenance of all system components
  • Full system certification in Germany including technical acceptance in TECCENTER

The integration of a FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chipset as well as 24 DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) chipset in the SET DJ1 control board mark an industry benchmark. The 10 GHz FPGA is responsible for system synchronization, system operation and system monitoring. In addition 24 DDS chipset are available for free programming of 24 frequency bands including frequency windows from 20MHz – 6.000 MHz.

The FPGA chipset ensures phase-synchronization of multi jammer operation with optimized fleet performance due to real time system synchronization. Software updates can be easily installed on side, special modulations or profiles can be received on the fly and installed in real time, if necessary. Exchange or upgrade of components ensures long term durability.

Modular System architecture with SET DJ1 power modules @ 1.000 Watt

SET DJ1 power modules with latest FET power amplifiers with stand alone modular design enable continuous operation under full performance without overheating even in hot climates. Temperature monitoring of amplifiers in real time, controlled from FPGA/DDS control board.


Power supply module with latest FET power amplifiers

High power output of 1.000 Watt for 20MHz-6.000 MHz frequency band ensures real safety distances for motorcade protection. The complete system can be maintained and repaired at client side. Special maintenance courses are part of the hand over process. The system is divided in low band and high band case racks that are individually operated from the FPGA/DDS control boards, which allows for flexible system configuration and power allocation in motorcades.

Vehicle optimized 24V power supply system

(Alternator / back up batteries / power control and monitoring system) High performance power supply system with 24V / 160 Amp additional generator for power supply. High performance 24V / 160 Amp lithium battery for power supply in engine off scenarios incl. digital power management and temperature control.

Digital charging of battery and protection against over charge. High performance digital DC distribution with real time monitoring and digital power supply management.


Power supply module with latest FET power amplifiers


Vehicle fitted with a fully digital, programmable and synchronized SET DJ1 jamming system

SET V 5.4 special jamming antenna with special bumper antenna

Ultra compact high end and patented jamming antenna SET V 5.4 for Omni directional horizontal and vertical radiation from 20 MHz – 6.000MHz and SET DJ1 optimized system performance. The SET V 5.4 antenna system is fitted in a roof box for easy and quick installation. The antenna can be operated inside and outside of the roof box for highest flexibility. The modular system allows for easy repair and upgrade of the antenna.


SET V 5.4 Special Jamming antennas

EMC vehicle shielding for health protection of passengers

The whole passenger cell is shielded to protect the passengers against harmful electro-magnetic radiation (EMV) coming from the jammer system. Maximum protection in accordance to European health regulations is ensured even during high output scenarios.

High end anti shock rail system for SET DJ1 cases and power supply case

The SET DJ1 anti shock rail system for safe installation and operation of SET DJ1 rack cases in the jamming vehicle. The rail system allows for ideal system maintenance and operator convenience with highest safety standards.


Anti shock rail system for SET DJ1

New development - Digital Wideband Jamming System SET PJ1


6 Band trolley based system 20 MHz – 4.000 MHz @ 365 Watt

Fully programmable portable jamming system for communication and bomb jamming. The SET PJ1 weighs less than 20 Kg has full digital power management and operation time of more than 60 minutes.

New development Digital Wideband Jamming System SET SJ1


Stationary Jamming System 20 MHz – 2.600 MHz @ 85 Watt (upgradable)
System can be installed in protected housing for remote use

Fully programmable, stationary jamming system for communication and bomb jamming. SET SJ1 for building jamming up to 4.000 MHz Stand-alone operation as well as network controlled operation possible.