SET - Signal Cartridges

1” - 1.5”

Single or Multi Star

The use of pyrotechnic signals fired from a pistol, fulfills different tasks. One is to communicate coded messages in the field, these messages can´t be monitored or decoded. In case of e.g. communication radio breakdown, signal cartridges will be additionally and intelligent alternative to ensure communication on the battlefield.

SET offers all kinds of signal cartridges which are necessary to ensure communication in different situations and all weather conditions. The cartridge is water resistant and has a long storage life. The recoil forces are designed to a minimum.

SET cartridges can be fired from any 1” and 1.5” signal pistols.

The altitude of standard cartridge is up to 140 meters. The cartridge with a rocket motor reach a high of 300 meters.

All cartridges will have stabilized stars - this guarantees the best performance, minimum recoil and best visibility under all weather conditions.

The SET signal ammunition is in accordance with the newest legal and environmental regulations.


1” and 1.5” Signal Cartridges

Technical Data

1” Signal Cartridge 1.5” Signal Cartridge 1” Illumination Cartridge, parachute
Calibre 1 inch 1.5 inch 1 inch
Candle Power approx. 40 kcd approx. 60 kcd approx. 70 kcd
Altitude approx. 140 mtr. approx. 140 mtr. approx. 300 mtr.
Burning time approx. 8 sec. approx. 8 sec. approx. 30 sec.
Color red, green, white, yellow red, green, white, yellow yellow


Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) combined with a NON-FLAMMABLE carrier. Our sprays are safe for use with Electronic Control Device (ECD) technology


A protective spring loaded, plastic safety cover (the “Flip-Top”) is attached to the rim of the dispensing valve above the actuator, which itself is attached to the valve stem. The safety cover prevents accidental discharge and conveniently moves out of the way for unobstructed access to the actuator when used by trigger finger or thumb. The Safety cover assists in the directional holding, aiming, and firing in low or no light circumstances for easier target acquisition.


All canister labels are wearing and water-resistant and contain the following data:

  • Individually Serialized Numbers
  • Lot / Batch number
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Date of Expiration
  • Active Ingredient
  • Stock Number
  • Decontamination Instructions


Department of Transportation (DOT) approved Commercial packaging.

Delivery Systems:

Stream/OC, Fog/OC, Foam/OC,Inert Training Stream, Inert Training Fog, Inert Training Foam


Subject to change without notice. All specifications are averages.