Thunderflash Non Electric

The SET Thunderflash is a sound simulator, it simulate explosion for training purposes. It is use to train the soldier to get use tom battle environment. A Thunderflash has to be safe in use, loud enough to simulate explosions and must functionality under all weather conditions.

The SET Thunderflash is designed for easy use during the operation. The components are environmentally friendly and consist of the paper tube, dumping material, report charge assembly and a plastic safety cap with a water proofed friction surface. The report charge assembly contains the pyrotechnic charge and delivers a report of 125 dBAP.

For ignition the user should remove the safety cap and strike the friction head over the friction surface – the delay time is so created that there will be enough time for throwing the Thunderflash away without any safety hazard for the user.


SET Thunderflash Non Electric

Technical Data

Length: 150 mm
Diameter: 24 mm
Delay time: 4 sec. or according to customer´s requirements
Std. Loudness: 125 dBAP (or according to customers requirements)
Dangerous fragments: none
Packing: according to MIL Std.