Vehicle Active Defense System

Passengers in military vehicles as well as in VIP cars have to be protected and have to counteract in case of an attack, they need also the ability to dissolve crowds and destruct potential attackers.

These tasks have to achieve through less than lethal devices, thus minimizing collateral injuries.

The SET Vehicle Active Defense System is effective against the different kinds of threads and attacks in different terrains and under all weather conditions.

In case of an attack the user has the choice to fire four different kinds of less than lethal devices: Sound and Flash, Screening Smoke, Teargas or Multi Rubber balls.

The aspect of urban attacks against police and other security forces reveals that the Vehicle Active Defense System can provide critical time for crews to identify attackers in a mixed crowd, thus reducing injury to innocent people, while allowing the vehicle engage or to escape. A convoy equipped with the Vehicle Active Defense System would deny easy access to attackers to hijack high value cargo.

The system is controlled by a key lock system with positives control switches and control box. The system can be installed at standard cars as well as at Light and Heavy armed vehicles.

The installed system is manufactured to rigid military specifications. Surface finishes are proven to withstand the harshest environment. Wiring and connectors are military grade.


Vehicle Active Defense System with two launchers placed under the number plate

Technical Data

Numbers of launchers / barrels 4 / 16 Calibre 50 mm
Effect ammunition Sound & Flash / Teargas / Multi Rubber balls / Screening Smoke
Effective Range up to 30 meters