SET Armored Vehicles

Based on Mercedes Benz UNIMOG chassis



The SET vehicle’s occupants are protected within a cage-like armoring configuration where the vertical areas are made up of ballistic steel, aramid fibre panels and ballistic glass. The roof is protected by ballistic steel and the floor is protected by ballistic steel and aramid fibre blankets to enhance blast protection.

Other areas like the engine compartment, fenders and radiator are also protected by ballistic steel. All doors are overlapped with splash guards and spall protectors.

To cope with the increased weight due to the armoring, many components such as suspension, brakes, tires and hinges are upgraded.

Key ballistic material
opaque: 9.5 mm MARS 300 ballistic steel, hardness 575-635 BH backed by level IIIA Honeywell GS3000 Aramid laminated panels, fixed by Sika 221 with additional wrap of Twaron 750 with back straps under original upholstery
68 mm ballistic glass in ballistic steel window frame

Design and Method of Protection

The armoring components are integrated into the vehicle after the production process of the base vehicle by strapping it of its fit out. This is done without changing its exterior appearance. The safety cell, which includes the driver and passenger compartment is so designed that all gaps between the body and the doors are overlapping to prevent projectiles or splinters from entering the passenger compartment and the highest possible protection to the occupants against the effects of a bomb blast.

Base vehicle specifications

engine directly injected diesel engine
cylinders 6 in series
Cylinder diameter: 275 mm
cylinder bore x stroke 97 x 128 mm
volumetric displacement 5675 ccm
output 130 PS (96 kw) at 2800 r.p.m.
torque 36,3 mkg at 1800 r.p.m.
compression ratio 1:17
fuel injection pump Bosch
valves overhead, side camshaft, drive trough spur gear
crankshaft bearings 7
cooling water / pump
lubrication forced-feed lubrication
battery 2 x 12 V 125 Ah
generator three-phase generator 55 A 24 V (1540 W)
starter 24 V 2,9 kw
power transmission all wheel drive, front wheel drive locking poss.
clutch single-plate dry clutch
gearshift 3 gearshift levers in the middle of the vehicle
transmission 8 speed transmission
synchronizer I - VIII
gear ratio reduction 6.36
chassis U-section frame
front suspension portal axle rigid, coil springs, stabilizer
rear suspension portal axle rigid, coil springs and addit. springs
steering system recirculating ball, servo 5,5
foot brake compressed air-hydraulic dual-circuit brake, 4 wheels
hand brake accumulator, rear wheels
General data
wheelbase 3250 mm
tread width front / rear 1860 / 1860 mm
overall dimensions 5540 x 2300 x 2750 mm
cargo area 3150 x 2200 mm
loading height 1230 mm
tires 12,5 R 20 MPT
fording depth 440 mm
turning circle 13,8 m
vehicle weight 5250 kg
total weight (perm.) 7500 kg
top speed 80 km/h

Technical drawing of armored vehicle

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Armored Specifications

Ballistic Steel and Glass

Computer aided design drawings are translated into high precision cut steel plates to be incorporated into the vehicle’s cage armor.

High tensile strength bolts are fitted from the outside to minimize the risk of internal protrusion in the event of a blast. The ballistic steel window frame holds the transparent armor in place from both sides during positive and negative pressure waves.

Reducing the number of parts and utilizing these at maximum precision, enables the vehicle to perform how it does, even as a heavily armored vehicle.

Bild50 Bild51
High precision cut steel plates Preparation of a ballistic resistant vehicle glass

6 mm ballistic steel with a B6 protection level against ammunition (7,62x51mm) ball e.g. BKT machine gun and ammunition (45 x 5.65mm) ball e.g. M16 machine gun.

Ballistic resistant glass on the vehicle is 42±2 mm thickness with Polycarbonate layer on the inside of the glass. The protection level is the same against the following types of ammunition in accordance with protection standards EN 1063, 1522, 1523.

.44 Magnum, 240 gr. 427 mps / 1470 fps • .357 Magnum, 158 gr. 425 mps / 1450 fps • 9mm 124 gr., 350 mps / 1120 fps • 7.62 X 39mm, 123 gr., 750 mps / 2,697 fps • .223 Caliber, 45 gr., 919 mps / 3,200 fps • 7.62 x 51mm M80, 149 gr., 830 mps / 2,700 fps • 5.56 x 45 M193 • 7.62 x 39mm API, 123 gr., 750 mps/2,697 fps. • M995 5.56 mm AP • M993 7.62mm AP • up to .50 Cal.

Interior and exterior features

Ballistic steel on the inner side of the vehicle and on the all doors.


Installation of ballistic material inside the vehicle

Three view ports on each side and one view ports on the backdoor. They will be fit with ballistic resistant glass.

The floor of the vehicle is 6mm ballistic steel with a V50 fragmentation protection
(2 x DM51 hand grenade per m2).

Secondary Air Conditioner system.

Upgraded suspension to handle the increased weight of the vehicle.

The vehicle must have a very good inside finishing and heat insulation.

A rubber surface on the complete floor of the vehicle.

Seating for the crew (6seat).

Ammunition shelves.

First aid kit.

Fire extinguisher.

Jack bracket and tool mounting.

Base vehicle chassis

The original Mercedes Benz body will be removed, retaining only the essential components, such as dashboard, steering wheel and pedal control.

SET Toyota Troop Carrier


Technical Specifications

Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series - 13 Seater

Model Code: HZJ78L-RJMRS

Type: Tropicalised
Engine: 1HZ, 4164cc diesel, fuel tank 90L,6
cylinders DOHC, diesel injection 134 HP,
heavy duty cooling (water), electrics 12v
Transmission: 5 speeds, dual range
Brakes: front: ventilated discs - rear: drums
Tires: 7.50R16-8ply
Suspension: heavy duty - front: coil springs - rear: leaf springs
Seats: 13 seater - front: 1+2 - rear: 2x5 parallel -material: vinyl
Wheelbase: 2980mm
Ground clearance: 230 mm
Weight: gross vehicle weight: 3150kg
Dimensions: length: 4995 mm - width: 1690 mm - height: 2095 mm
Country of origin: Japan

Standard features:

Power And Tilt Steering Alternator 12V 55A
Side Impact Beams Baaery 75D
Front & Rear Black Mudguards Heavy Duty Radiator
Black Bumpers Stabiliser Front
2 Black Outside Mirrors +chrome Door Handles STD Shock Absorbers
Side Steps User Manual
Tinted + Laminated Windshield Tool Kit & Jack
Tow Hooks Front & Rear Reinforced Cyclone Air Filter + Snorkel
Rear Sliding Side Windows Extra Fuel Tank 90 L With Gauge
Spare Wheel With AnP Thee System Full Floating Axle
Cigarette Lighter Sub Fuel Gauge
Warning Fuel Decantation Digital Clock
Glove Box Day/night Inner Rear View Mirrors
Front Headrests Driver + Passenger Sunvisor
Front Seat Belts Wiper Front
Steering Lock
Fuel Gauge Air CondiPoning. Spare Wheel
Water Temperature Gauge Snorkel