Due to the widespread spectrum of possible duty, SET helps operators to find their perfect solution in several areas.

“Action” this is not just a claim for us – it embodies quickness, power of force and reaction speed, combined with the best possible safety for operators.


The SET Pyrotechnic section contains a wide margin of different pyrotechnic solutions, ideal for any kind of use.

Close connections to End Users’ make it possible to supply situational-specific and tailor-made solutions.

No matter if distress, irritation, smoke or 38/40 mm solutions, End User will find the perfect “fit” ideal for their specific Mission.

To ensure the best possible ability for End User’s to succeed the job, SET offers tailor-made solutions according to customer requirements and needs.

  • Screening Smoke
  • Colored Smoke
  • 1’ and 1.5’ Signal Cartridges
  • Thunderflash
  • Sound & Flash / Flash Bang Grenades (1 Bang, 2 Bang, 7 Bang, 9 Bang)
  • Less-Lethal Ammunition
  • 37/38mm and 40mm Less Lethal and Effect Ammunition