Mostly emphasized under this section is the widespread portfolio of detention and safety devices and services, such as irritant Pepper spray solutions, as well as Batons, Body Armoring, or personal equipment. But also, specific Training courses are a vivid part of this specific solution package.

No matter what Mission the operator is on duty with, SET offers the perfect solution to do the job.

  • Personal Equipment
  • Body Armor
  • Ballistic Shields
  • Less-Lethal Launcher Systems and Ammunition
  • OC / CS ARG20 Launcher System
  • 37/38mm & 40mm DLL Launcher System
  • OC / PAVA Spray
  • (synthetic) Handcuffs
  • SET Training Courses
  • Firearms / Shooting Courses
  • Self-Defense Courses
  • Tactical Operations Courses
  • Building and Areal Protection Systems
  • Hydraulic Bollard Systems
  • Protection Rooms